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The Creation of this Website

This website was developed by Mark Virtue, an Australian male bass singing with Sydney Harmony and with the quartet Ignition!.

Mark runs a small website consultancy based in Sydney called Virtual Creations, and has developed a unique website technology.  This technology revolutionises the typical chorus or region website, turning it from a simple "brochure" into a powerful communications tool for the members.  This technology was used in the creation of the Region 16 website, as well as in many other Barbershop and Sweet Adelines websites around the world.  The technology can benefit any type of website, having successfully been used in websites ranging from real estate agents to business consultancies to high-school reunion sites.

The key to this technology is that each chorus website has a "Members-Only" area, where members can log in and get access to centralised information, including:

  • An Event Calendar
  • MP3 versions of chorus Learning Songs
  • The entire Member Database
  • A Bulletin Board of useful pieces of information that don't fit anywhere else. that any chorus member can contribute to 
  • A Suggestion Box
  • An Attendance Register
  • Minutes of all all Executive meetings
  • Records of which members have passed their assessments of which songs
  • and much more

Much of this information can be made available on the "public" part of the website, including:

  • Public events from the Events Calendar
  • Samples of the chorus singing their repertoire
  • The office holders of the chorus
  • The chorus's quartets
  • Several photo albums
  • A visitor's guestbook
  • Links to related sites (choruses, quartets, arrangers, etc)
  • Chorus sponsors
  • Chorus merchandise

You might imagine that maintaining all of this is extremely time-consuming, not to mention highly technical.  In fact, neither is true.  This technology reduces the workload of the chorus secretary by up to 80%, and removes the need for a webmaster altogether!  This is made possible by two key factors:

  1. The maintenance of the entire website is extremely simple, intuitive and user friendly.  If you can use Microsoft Word, you can maintain your own website!
  2. Each chorus member can be assigned administration privileges over different parts of the website.  This means that the membership manager can be responsible for the upkeep of the member database, the events manager can be responsible for the event calendar, the music team can be responsible for the learning songs database, etc.

A full list of the features available in a Virtual Creations chorus website can be found here.

Mike Hailey (a recent secretary of Sydney Harmony) 0419 803339, and John Dam (recent secretary of the River City Clippers) 0418 747678 are religious converts to this technology, and can explain the benefits of it to you if you call them.

If you would like to learn more about this technology and how it can be applied to your own website, please contact Mark:

Telephone: +61 411 170517
Email: mark@virtualcreations.com.au
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