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Regional Executive Committee description  

June 23, 2017 (Friday)
Appointed by: International Leadership Specialists (instead of IBOD for pilot only)

Accountable to: International Board of Directors

Term of Appointment: Pilot duration

Reporting to: International Leadership Specialists/Regional Leadership Committee

Composition and Term of Service
  • The Regional/Area Executive Committee is composed of the three members: Regional Administrative Director, Regional Education Director, and Regional Membership Director. 
  • Term of appointment (rotating schedule) is removed for pilot.
Typical Duties
  • Adopts annual Regional budget
  • Adopts Regional Standing Rules revisions
  • Adopts Regional Strategic Plan
  • Appoints 5 members to the Regional Appointments Advisory Committee (AAC) and selects the Chair of this Committee. (NOTE: A member of the current Regional/Area Executive Committee will serve as one of the five members of the AAC.)
  • Ratifies appointments to Regional Administrative, Education and Membership Staffs
  • Develops and manages implementation of Regional Strategic Plan
  • Approves regional contracts prepared by the Regional Administrative Director
  • Prepares State of the Region (SOR) Report
  • Provides support for chorus leadership
  • Provides recommendations for REC member positions to the International Leadership Specialists (instead of IBOD for pilot only)
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