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The year is 2025….Will  “Sweet Adelines”  still exist?

Hello from Pam Calveric (BGC) and Nancy Watson (GKC)!  We are Lake Ontario Region 16’s newly appointed Young Women In Harmony (YWIH) co-coordinators.   This hobby we call “Sweet Adelines” has given each and every one of us so much joy and knowledge.   We would not be the women we are without this wonderful thing called barbershop music.   Take a look around your chorus.  What’s the median age?  50?  60?    That means that in 20 years the median age could be 80!    We will be encouraging each area of Region 16 – indeed each chorus – to have some kind of annual event geared specifically to women under age 25.    This isn’t so much about getting them to join an organization.  It’s about planting a seed so that later in life when they’re looking for a hobby they’ll remember how much fun they had singing barbershop music when they were younger and perhaps choose to join a group at that time.    It is imperative that we, the current members, do our best to perpetuate this hobby that we love so much.  We intend to involve the men’s organization Barbershop Harmony Society (BHS) and Harmony Incorporated.   It’s time for all barbershop groups to ban together and reach as many young people as we can!    Pam will guide the Region 16 choruses in NY state and Nancy will guide Region 16 choruses in Ontario.    We’ll give you advice about having an event.  We’ll help you find faculty & music.   There’s lots of good advice at www.sweetadelineintl.org.  Team leaders/presidents – be sure to put this on your planning agenda and build it into yourfuture budgets.  There are grants available in both NY state and Ontario and some financial help is available through Region 16. Sweet Adelines International has discontinued the “Rising Star” contest as part of our fall convention.  Instead there will be area contests.  For example in Aug 2, 2014 there’s a YWIH contest in Boston, Massachusetts.  It’s our dream to have at least one Region 16 YWIH quartet in that contest. There WILL be a YWIH track at Region 16’s fall music school In Buffalo in 2014 and in Kingston in 2015.  

If you are your chorus’ current YWIH representative please email Pam at pamcalveric@gmail.com    or Nancy at gkcbass@gmail.com.   If your chorus doesn’t have a YWIH representative and If YOU are excited about this – talk to your director and team leader/president!   Let’s ensure that chords will still be ringing in 20 – no!  100 years from now! 

Description Guidelines. The YWIH Coordinator will:

• be knowledgeable concerning material available for the Young Women in Harmony Program and music educators through Sweet Adelines International.
• encourage all choruses in her region to be involved with the Young Women in Harmony Program by introducing the YWIH program and materials to their local schools.
• educate and inform the musical leaders in each chorus about the YWIH program.
• provide examples of successful YWIH choruses and/or quartets at regional weekends whenever possible.
• communicate with leaders of YWIH choruses and/or quartets and report the activities to the region through presentations at regional meetings and articles in regional newsletters. She will forward all this information to the education department at international headquarters.
• assist choruses in implementing YWIH programs through mentoring and visits whenever possible.
• assist YWIH programs through education regarding financial aid available.
• follow up the list of schools requesting the YWIH kits each quarter by
telephoning and/or corresponding—offering assistance, gathering information.
• facilitate networking among YWIH groups in her region.
• consult with the education department at international headquarters to implement a regional YWIH festival.
• ensure that any YWIH quartet contests use the Rising Star score sheets and judging guidelines.
• publicize resources and opportunities available to young women under age 26—such as Rising Star contest at International Convention.
• attend YWIH advisors network group when possible.
• prepare a potential budget for YWIH activities within the region, to be sent to
regional education coordinator in time for preparation of the regional budget

Sweet Adelines International • P.O. Box 470168 • Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA 74147-0168 YWIH Coordinators Job
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