Celebrating two countries in four-part a cappella harmony via musical education & performance

2014 Lake Ontario Region 16 Convention Survey
2013 Regional Chorus Champions: Buffalo Gateway Chorus
(Representatives to Baltimore)

S.L.A.M.! Quartet
2014 Regional Quartet Champions
(Representatives to Baltimore)

2014 2nd Place Wildcard
(Representatives to Baltimore)

Spritzer Quartet
(Representatives to Baltimore)

2014 Regional Chorus Champions: North Metro Chorus

2nd Place Wildcard Chorus: Canadian Showtime Chorus
Canadian Showtime Chorus - Wildcard Las Vegas

2014 Region 16 Results
Quartet ResultsChorus Results | Award Winners


   Upcoming events 
Sep 27 (Sat) Lovin' That BARBERSHOP Sound!
Sep 27 (Sat) Buffalo Gateway Show
Oct 2 (Thu) RMT Meeting
Oct 3 (Fri) FMS - Lori Lyford
Nov 4 (Tue) SAI International Convention
Nov 15 (Sat) North Metro Show
   Recently added resources 
Jul 6 (Sun) Developing & Training a PVI Team
Jul 6 (Sun) Positive Characteristics of Good Vocal Sound
Jul 6 (Sun) PVI's
Jul 6 (Sun) PVI Comment Worksheet
Jul 6 (Sun) 212 the Extra Degree
Jul 6 (Sun) Visioning Workshop: Where Are We
Jul 6 (Sun) 12 Step Program to Learn New Music
Jul 6 (Sun) Profile of a Team
Jul 6 (Sun) Accountabilities Giving Feedback
Jul 6 (Sun) Responsibilities of Section Leads
Jul 6 (Sun) Self-Evaluation Preparation
Apr 19 (Sat) RMT Meeting Minutes - October 2013

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