Up and Coming Quartet

Oshawa, Ontario

Up and Coming Quartet
Up and Coming quartet are all members of Durham Shores chorus, and got together as a quartet in 2016, in order to experience their love of barbershop more fully.  Raymonde, with 20 years experience sings lead, Chuma, with 14 years, sings baritone, Lorraine, with 9 years, sings bass and new member to Up and Coming - Diane, with 14 years sings Tenor . "Being part of a quartet challenges us to new levels and we love to sing!" For two of the members, quarteting is a new experience, and the blend of their four voices is beautiful.
Up and Coming Quartet members...
Lead:Raymonde Dupuis
Bass:Lorraine Gagnon-Lacroix
Baritone:Chuma Bourgault
Tenor:Diane Warner
Chapter: Durham Shores Chorus (Chapter)
General public contact: Lorraine Gagnon-Lacroix
Area of operation: Oshawa
State: ON