Up and Coming Quartet

Oshawa, Ontario

Up and Coming Quartet
We are Up and Coming quartet. We love to sing  a cappela and have been together as a quartet since 2016.  We are also long-time members of Durham Shores Chorus, where we enjoy singing while learning and perfecting the art of 4-part harmony, barbershop style. We perform within the community, both as a chorus and as a quartet, as well as compete at our yearly regional competition.

We naturally love to entertain and would be happy to perform for you at your various occasions and social gatherings, such as birthdays, Christmas parties, office parties, etc.  Our voices are our instruments so we don't require any setup.  Please contact us if you are interested. 
Up and Coming Quartet members...
Lead:Raymonde Dupuis
Bass:Lorraine Gagnon-Lacroix
Baritone:Chuma Bourgault
Tenor:Diane Warner
Chapter: Durham Shores Chorus
General public contact: Lorraine Gagnon-Lacroix
Area of operation: Oshawa
Province: ON