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If you have enrolled in the Director Certification Program and have been inactive (have not participated in any testing) for five or more years, you may have to reapply to continue in the program. Sweet Adelines International states that inactive participants can be removed from the program at the discretion of the DCP Coordinator. 
I have recently sent emails to all chapters who may have inactive participants in the DCP. Are you one of them?  If you think you might be one of these members, please contact Joan Borden to check your status and confirm your activity. Any completed portions of the DCP can be carried over with you with no need to redo them.  However, if you are deemed inactive, you will have to reapply to International and pay the $100 USD registration fee in order to continue with the program. 
The DCP is an excellent way to learn all about the many aspects of the Sweet Adelines organization and hone your listening, leadership and music theory skills. There are sample tests that can be used for practice and any mark from any section of the program can be redone to improve your scores. Ask your chorus's Management Team/Board of Directors to invest in the DCP Modules. Just think how strong YOUR chorus could be with several certified directors on your membership list!

Joan Borden
DCP Coordinator


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