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Young Women in Harmony (YWIH)

Supporting young singers in Region 16

To encourage young women to join the organization and to assist choruses in the recruitment of young singers, Lake Ontario Region 16 provides the following incentives to members aged 25 and under:
  • Regional Assessment is reduced by 50%
  • Complimentary All Events Ticket (AET) for all regional events including contest and music school

Rising Star competition

Each year, Sweet Adelines International holds the Rising Star quartet competition for women aged 25 and under.

To encourage participation in this competition, Lake Ontario Region 16 has committed to provide a financial ‘gift of love’ to any quartet representing the region in the Rising Star contest. For more information, please contact the Regional Education Coordinator.

YWIH workshops and festivals

Region 16 provides grants of up to $250 to choruses that hold YWIH events on a first-come-first-served basis. To apply for a Regional grant, please contact the Regional Education Coordinator. You will be asked to submit the following documents prior to the event: 
  • Pre-event budget (estimate of event finances)
  • Full details of event, including registration fee
In addition, a post-event report of revenues and expenses must be submitted to the RMT for consideration before disbursement of the grant. Choruses are eligible for grants more than once per year if they are having more than one event (i.e., $250 per event). Funding is provided on a first-come-first-served basis.

Additional grants and resources are also available through Sweet Adelines International:

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For more information, contact: Alana Regular, YWIH Coordinator
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