Otonabee Riverblend

Peterborough, Ontario

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Otonabee Riverblend
Otonabee Riverblend is composed of Marcia Steele (lead), Donna Haug (bass), Geri Loukes (tenor) and Teresa Znajewski (baritone), and are all members of Kawartha Music Company in Peterborough, Ontario. They got together in the fall of 2018 but, due to COVID, only sang together for part of that time.

Their mission statement is based on performing in the community so they could share with others the joy singing brings them. Being part of a quartet has strengthened their singing individually and increased their technical and performance skills.

Most importantly, the members of Otonabee Riverblend have enjoyed each other's love and support through difficult personal times. There have been many memorable moments; one was when they sang for Marcia's parents' 63rd wedding anniversary outside her mom's nursing home. The smiles on her parents' faces brought them joy and confirmed their mission.

Moving forward, their goal is to further develop their craft and continue to provide entertaining performances.
Chapter: Kawartha Music Company
General public contact:
Area of operation: Peterborough
Province: ON