Tap Out Stress & Tap IN Calm - PowerPoint

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Education Sub-category: 2020 Tap Out Stress and Tap In Calm - R. Spoelstra
Posted By: Sue Melvin
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Date Posted: Sun, Jul 19 2020
Class about the art of a self-stress reducing technique in the form of EFT or finger tapping. Help eliminate stress response in our bodies and emotions. Engage in meditation with music and history of science behind this effective technique.

Presenter: Rhonda Spoelstra:
        Rhonda Spoelstra is a Sweet Adeline International Certified Director, current Director of Image City Sound Chorus in Rochester, NY and member of Spirit of Syracuse Chorus. She is a six-time Regional Quartet Medalist, 2018 Quartet Champion and International Representative with SoundByte Quartet.
        In her non-Sweet Adeline life Rhonda is a Certified Professional Life Coach & Energetic Wellness Coach, Energy Leadership Index Master practitioner, and life-long student of spirituality, self-development and wholistic healing. She loves playing & engaging with groups whether through leadership training, team building or plain fun & games. Within her coaching practice she utilizes tools, practices & resources from several different wholistic or energetic modalities including; Reiki (Reiki Master), Ancestral Clearing (Basic Certification), Astrology (Level 1 & 2 Training), Professional Energy Assessments (IPEC Coaching Certification), EMF or Tapping, Ayurveda (ancient whole body healing system) & Decluttering.
        Rhonda’s passion, whether through music, spirituality or wholistic wellness, is to connect women to the giftedness and beauty of who they truly are inside. To enable them to find peace, clarity & healing, leaving drama & suffering behind.